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The Green Vapour advantage

What is the Green Vapour e-cigarette?

The Green Vapour e-cigarette is only one of the most fascinating advancements of our time. It will give you the taste you love for half of the price of the competitors out there. The two-piece design on the Green Vapour is revolutionary and will startle your friends and impress them as they see how easy it is to use the e-cigarette for smoking indoors. The best thing about the e-cigarette as well is that you will get a smooth rich taste that you can benefit from as time goes on and you are able to smoke on the plane or somewhere similar.


The battery on the Green Vapour will give you a pleasant smoking experience that you can’t get anywhere else. You will also not have to deal with cigarette butts or smell as well, making it perfect for smoking on a bed or somewhere where you like to be comfortable at. You will also notice that the airflow you get when you are trying to smoke on this e-cigarette is smooth and controlled, making it easier for you to get an even, full-on smoking experience that will save you money as well as satisfy your cravings. You get up to 360 puffs on one charge of the Green Vapour e-cigarette, and with the selection of flavors out there, you will be really happy you chose to buy one of these instead of the competitors out there.


Lastly, our e-cigarettes have a really strong construction, making them a natural feel when you pick them up to smoke on. The Green Vapour e-cigarette will not break in your pocket and will stay secure for as long as you have it in tow.



Never heavy on your wallet

What is frustrating about the traditional cigarettes is that not only would you have to carry a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. With the Green Vapour e-ciagrette, you will never have to worry about carrying anything more than the usual e-cigarette and a charger. This saves you time when you are rushing to an office meeting and would like to smoke indoors. The cartomiser in the Green Vapour is comparable to 1.5 packs of regular cigarettes. You will only have to carry one e-cigarette at any given time, and won’t need to spend money on a wallet!


Our brand of e-cigarettes are only $3..and we have discounts to our products everytime that would bring it all down to around $2.50


Green Vapour e-cigarette flavors

Tobacco Gold- When you need the highest quality tobacco for your e-cigarette, Green Vapour does it the best! You will love the gold standard you smoke here, and because you can smoke it anywhere, this only helps the situation!

Tobacco Red Label- If you love your tobacco with a little bit more of a subdued flavor, you will love to try the Red Label version of the Green Vapour e-cigarette brand. It has such a full bodied aroma to it and when you take a puff, you will feel like you are on vacation somewhere really fun.

Cool Menthol- The taste of menthol is something that is sexy and relaxing, so try it with the Green Vapour e-cigarette so you can really love what you are smoking on and feel like a real grown up.

Madagascan Vanilla- The best thing about this flavor is that it has a really powerful, strong vanilla flavor that will have you impressed at how real the flavor is. We expect a lot of people to enjoy this flavor simply because it had vanilla imported from Madagascar.

Rich Chocolate- If you are a chocolate lover, this flavor will take you to a mountain of chocolate and allow you to enjoy it as much as you would if you were eating a carton of chocolate ice cream.

Strawberry Passion- The strawberry flavor is something you will love immensely, and because of this flavor you might like to grab your favorite wine and just sit back and puff on the Green Vapour e-cigarette of your choice.

Peach Refresher- If you have ever wanted to taste a georgia peach in an e-cigarette, you might feel like trying out this flavor because of how great it tastes and authentic to the flavor it says it tastes like.


What the levels of nicotine are like with Green Vapour e-cigarettes:

the following is the level of nicotine in the cartomisers:

Strong (2.4%): Compare this to a strong cigarette

Full (1.8%) : Compare to a full flavored cigarette

Light (1.2%): Compare this to a light cigarette

Ultra Light (.6%): Compare to a cigarette that is extra light

Zero (0%): The taste you love, with no nicotine.


Try it out today and love what you smoke finally!



Green Vapour e-cigarettes: the right choice

The Green Vapour e-cigarette has no smoke it can create and will give you an odorless smoking experience.

Instead of smoke coming from the e-cigarette, the Green Vapour e-cigarette gives a non-offensive, pleasant scent that looks like smoke but isn’t. There is no flame and combustion involved in the e-cigarette, so you can finally breathe easy from not having to deal with any ash or tar. The Green Vapour e-cigarette is safe to smoke indoors, period!


No mater what time of year it is, Green Vapour e-cigarettes are the right choice.

It should come as no surprise that the Green Vapour e-cigarette is accepted at bars and restaurants all over the world. They will definitely grab some attention as well, but smokers who need to get up all the time just to go outside in the cold or heat will finally get tired of this type of thing and will opt for a solution like the Green Vapour e-cigarette. Now you won’t have to deal with the complaints of others and can upgrade how you smoke.


If you love to save money, the Green Vapour e-cigarette is awesome for it

If you consider how much money you save when you invest in a cartomiser of this type, you will realize that the Green Vapour e-cigarette is perfect for you when you are needing to make a more cost-effective solution that saves you hundreds of dollars a year. Each cartomiser is saving you $3 compared to the cigarettes that you are buying probably right now. Use this alternative to get all the smoking you want without having to waste energy by going outside.



Green Vapour was desinged to give you the best tasting solution to e-cigarettes!

The Green Vapour e-cigarette will give the look and feel of a regular cigarette, but since it can be charged via USB cable, you can simply connect it to a computer and get the charging you need so you can smoke it anywhere. There are also some useful features you will appreciate on the Green Vapour e-cigarettes series:

  • No cigarette butts, meaning you don’t have to carry around an ashtray

  • You will never have to deal with bad odors that linger on your clothes anymore

  • You will save tons of money on having to buy cartons of cigarettes ever again!

  • Smoke virtually anywhere you want thanks to 21st century patented technology of the highest caliber!

  • No flame to deal with or nasty ash residue

  • Flavors of vapor that vary from Vanilla to Strawberry, without ash to deal with.


Why Green Vapour electronic cigarettes?

Tons of smokers around the world are understanding how much more sense it makes to invest in one of the best e-cigarettes around. The Green Vapour e-cigarettes are clearly better because they:

  • have a thick volume of smoke but without offensive odors

  • rich flavor that you will love to indulge in

  • you will be able to smoke plenty of places where others with regular cigarettes couldn’t

  • easy to install cartomiser and replace parts

  • lighter on the wallet than other cigarettes


Taste the difference!

With the Green Vapour e-cigarette, you are getting the full flavor of a smoking experience fit for a 21st century citizen. The flavors will give you a full experience that you can love and share with others who might want to smoke indoors for a change.


The experience is easier than with regular cigarettes

With the Green Vapour, all you have to do is smoke it like a regular cigarette, except you will be looking at a rich vapor leave your lungs. As time goes on and a new cartomiser is needed, all you will have to do is unscrew the cartomiser and replace it with another one. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


It is a more social experience than regular smoking

Why? Because:

  • You will not have to deal with the embarrassment of smoker’s breath.

  • You will not smell like cigarette smoke

  • Your family and friends will not even know that you smoke!


Lastly, its cheapest to use:

The cost of using a Green Vapour e-cigarette is simply unmatched. You will save more than $1.80 every time you use the Green Vapour e-cigarette, so knowing how to use that to your advantage will help you get more money in your wallet while being able to enjoy smoking in a way that is healthier for you.


Why switch to Green Vapour e-cigarettes?

There are two types of people who smoke the Green Vapour brand:

  • Those who are tired of regular cigarettes

  • Those who want to smoke an e-cigarette with a lot more quality and flavor

Both people are smart for wanting to make the switch!

Making the switch to Green Vapour e-cigarettes

More people are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to Green Vapour e-cigarettes for reasons like:

  • No more dealing with terrible odor on clothes or breath

  • You will be able to smoke in no smoking zones finally

  • The money saved versus buying regular cigarettes will be huge

  • no dealing with cigarette ashtrays

  • no clothes smelling like smoke

Click here to learn more about how you can order the Green Vapour. If you still have your doubts, ask us for a money back guarantee and we will say yes!


Switching from other e-cigarette brands

Those who already know how the greatness of e-cigarette brands can really understand how much the Green Vapour brand will help out someone who needs a superior alternative. The creators of this e-cigarette has constructed an assortment of delicious flavors that you will love to taste whenever you have the chance to, and the construction on this e-cigarette is superior to other brands out there. With a simple construction and cartomiser, you will be pleased to know that that is an affordable option out there for people who want to smoke an e-cigarette that delivers and isn’t sold on pretenses.


To replace your cartomiser, all you have to do is unscrew the cartomiser from the e-cigarette and replace it. It does not get easier than that, so try it out today and see what you think. Because of the 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not at all satisfied with your Green Vapour e-cigarette, you can return it for a full refund when you are ready.


Using Green Vapour e-cigarettes

Green Vapour e-cigarettes are easy to use and because of the innovative design, you get a long lasting battery and a replaceable cartridge that is called a cartomiser. The cartomiser is what will save you tons of money because each pack is equivalent to 7.5 packs of the regular cigarettes. You also get a variety of flavors ranging from Chocolate to Menthol. You smoke these the same way you do a regular cigarette, just without the ash and terrible smell. Check out our instructions section for more information.


Unpacking your Green Vapour e-cigarette

Your Green Vapour kit will ship in a magetic box that will include your e-cigarette battery, cartomisers, and a charger (USB). You will also find a membership card that gives you access to the best deals for Green Vapour products and promotions.


Smoking the Green Vapour e-cigarette

Your Green Vapour e-cigarette will come already partially charged, so you will be able to enjoy it all straight out of the box. All you have to do is get a cartomiser and attach it to the e-cigarette. Once you're all set up you are ready to start smoking!


Charging the Green Vapour e-cigarette battery

One thing that you will notice is a reduction in smoke volume when the battery is reaching the end of a charge. Either this will happen or your cartomiser is needing to be replaced. No matter what you need done, all you have to do is screw the battery to the USB charger and plug it in. It will take 3 hours to charge for the short battery and the long battery will be around 4 hours. Your light will turn from red to green to indicate full volume is attained. You can then screw a cartomiser on and start smoking.


Green Vapour will put more cash in your pocket!

Let’s examine how much the average smoking person spends with regular cigarettes and how much they would save with the Green Vapour e-cigarette:


If a person is spending $6 a year and smokes a pack of 20 cigs a day, that is $2190 a year spent on cigarettes. This doesn’t even include the money spent on lighters, ashtrays, and the cigarette smell you have to deal with.


In contrast, if someone spends money only on Green Vapour cigarettes, they will only spend $827 a year because the cartomiser is equivalent to 1.5 packs of regular cigarettes. Now what sounds like a better idea to purchase? The price you pay for a kit to start today will ensure that you have enough money (around $1500 saved per year) saved to buy a new plasma TV or a tattoo is you are feeling adventurous!


Green Vapour reviews

Bob Shufle

I really love the Green Vapour. Not only was I able to find a better solution that saves me money in the long term, but I also was able to enjoy all of the flavors that are available with this brand. I really recommend you give it a shot because it saved me money and helped me become able to smoke in the cafe I work at all the time!


David Best

I can’t get enough of this e-cigarette! I am always on the road, so it can be hard to find a good e-cigarette that is easy to use and makes me able to smoke where I want to. Because of the Green Vapour, I will be continually looking for cartomisers to pick up when I’m working because I love to smoke these so much.


Ally Hento

Hi, I just want to give the folks at Green Vapour a bravo for being so ingenious with how you created the Green Vapour. This e-cigarette has some flavors that I love to indulge in most of the time, and not only that but I love being able to enjoy a lot of the options for how I charge the e-cigarette as well. It just makes for a convenient type of situation every time I am trying to smoke in a plane or somewhere where a regular cigarette would just be way too difficult to pull off.


Bart Hoss

Hi, I recently ordered a Green Vapour e-cigarette and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the shipping of the device. It got here in under a week and I was really satisfied with what I saw when I opened the box. Everything was easy to setup and not only that, but I was able to keep my stuff with me easier in the car for when I want to smoke on those long commutes. It seems the creators of this brand really thought about how to make it convenient for me and my family who smokes. thanks again!


Want to write a review for the Green Vapour? If you have any interest in sharing your satisfaction with us, please make sure to email us and let us know so we can post your review!